Adjudicating Asynchronous Virtual Speech

Asynchronous Speech contests involve prerecorded videos of student presentations, adjudicated asynchronously during a window/timetable of dates (when convenient for the adjudicator to log on and view/evaluate at their own pace.

Accessing E-Ballots #

The ballot is the listing of contestants you’ve been assigned to adjudicate, and e-ballots are linked to an electronic evaluation screen for each entry. You will access this at, and log in with the email address you used when certifying with WISDAA (unless you’ve requested that we change it to a different email). This will be the same email address our office communicates to you at, and to which SpeechWire will “blast” emails with assignments.

Important Considerations #

  • Double-check the top of each evaluation page for any accessibility requests.
  • Please assess actual time the entry presents, NOT the video timestamp. 
  • For audio/video or adherence to rules concernscomplete this form. For rules, evaluate; we will make determinations.
  • Please be thorough and thoughtful; use language in the rubric to justify comments:
    1 pt. = Missing elements, refer to evaluation criteria
    2 pts. = Needs many improvements
    3 pts. = Developing, needs additional coaching/practice
    4 pts. = Meets expectations, needs polish
    5 pts. = Mastery, exceeds expectations
  • Give constructive criticism from which to grow. Whenever you rate less than 5, describe how contestants did not meet expectations, using language above and giving specific examples of what the student did or said. When deducting more than one point, describe several items for improvement, or explain magnitude of a single issue. If something applies under multiple evaluation items (e.g., failure to project loudly impacted both audibility as well as emotional intensity called for), explain how your concern specifically relates to each area.

High School Contest Advancement #

An entry needs an overall score of 16 to advance from subdistrict to district, and 21 to advance from district to State. If your overall score is less than the qualifying score, coaches and contestants should be able to read your comments and understand how they fell short of deserving to advance.

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Updated on 01/02/2024
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