Middle Level

Participation Philosophy

Teachers who work with students in middle level grades are aware of the pre-adolescent need for positive reinforcement and success, as well as the inherent willingness of students at this age to try new things! It’s a perfect time to experiment with activity participation.

Learning Objectives

  • Promote literacy: read, write, speak, and listen
  • Build confidence and social skills through peer support
  • Foster information literacy and research
  • Develop critical thinking skills and logical reasoning
  • Increase social awareness and responsibility
  • Provide outlet for creative expression for both gifted and at-risk youth
  • Conquer stage fright before fear of public speaking can develop
  • Explore topics of personal relevance
  • Extend learning in cross-curricular topics
  • Festivals promote individual achievement through rating and constructive criticism
  • Non-competitive; students are not compared to each other; they are evaluated on a rubric
Middle Level Reader


Annual dues are $150 ($100 if paid by Oct. 1).


Theatre: Schools can produce a one-act play or individuals, pairs, or small groups can participate in the WISDAA Thespys contests.

Debate: Students can participate as delegates in Congressional Debate.

Speech: An entirely Middle Level-exclusive speech series includes robust opportunities.

Film: Schools can submit any number of student-driven films (with instructor guidance).