Theatre Adjudicators

Training & Certification #

Interscholastic Theatre contests involve subjective and standards-based evaluation of students in a fully produced play of up to 40 minutes. Coaches and/or adjudicators (judges) gain certification through training, and can report time spent as professional development. We offer an entirely online course for individuals adjudicating our one-act play series.

Get Hired to Adjudicate #

Contact us and we’ll connect you to a contest manager in your area. You also may check our Jobs Board.

Adjudication Changes 2021-onward #

Adjudicators no longer recommend “Advance” nor “Stop,” nor overall school awards at State.
Adjudicators award points across several evaluation criteria, and the average of each adjudicator’s scores determines which shows advance to the next contest level.
Comments for each evaluation criterion should justify scores. Bear in mind:
3 = Proficient – meets expectations of questions in the criterion; not necessarily perfect
2 = Developing – some elements are still progressing, but not finished.
1 = Minimal – most elements are unfinished and distract from the overall message to be conveyed by the production.
Average scores needed by at least two adjudicators:
District → Advance to Sectional:  1.5+
Sectional → Advance to State:    2.3+
State → Awards (Direction, Ensemble, Technical, Overall/Critic’s Choice):  2.67+
    Acting awards are still based on at least two nominations of individual actors.
Evaluation criteria simplified/streamlined.