State Thespy Registration Instructions

Prepare: SpeechWire Account

flowchart LR
    A("Do you have a SpeechWire 'head coach' account?") -->|Yes| B("Log in and update your student roster to ensure it's current
    and to mark students who have graduated as inactive.")
    A -->|"No, but our school does"| C("Ask your head coach to log in, on on the
    Your account screen, under the Head coach
    tools section, click the icon, Coaches, click
    your name, and change you to a Head coach.
    Otherwise, they need to follow the
    subsequent instructions on this page.")
    A -->|No| D("Create a new account at")
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Registration Open

This is different from registration for one-act play. Go to the State Festival registration page and click the button, [State Thespys Registration]. Alternatively, the Your account screen in SpeechWire might have an icon for State Thespys.

Click the icon that asks: Will you attend? and indicate your attendance as Yes, that you will attend.

Then, proceed on to [Submit your entries now] or [Return to tournament home page].

Contest (Tournament) Home Page Icons

You can “Return to tournament home page” at any point during the registration process to see a dashboard of icons that will allow you to update various parts of your registration. Just be sure to click the [Update] or [Save] button on any screen before returning to the home page.

Update Your Entries #

Click “Update your entries,” then click the button next to each category to [Add entry], and select a student’s name from the dropdown menu (names will autocomplete if they’re in your SpeechWire account roster). Select whether the entry will participate in person (Friday) or virtually (Asynchronous). Click [Update entries] to save what you have added to the page.  After you have updated entries, you also may drop them when you are done, click the button, [Return to tournament home page].

Once entries have been updated/saved, to drop, select the “Drop” menu to the right of the entry and click the button, [Update entries]. Please also drop blank entries — those with no names in them that may have been added by mistake.

Video Links/Titles #

Click the icon, “Titles and video liks” The main function of this page is for coaches to indicate titles for each selection, as well as paste a link to a technical portfolio URL (from a Google Drive/Dropbox). This same page is where directors can paste links to videos/video files of students’ prerecorded videos for asynchronous adjudication, which will appear to adjudicators as clickable links to open and evaluate.

Auditions #

Entries in Solo Acting and Solo Musical Theatre may be designated as auditions, up to one selection per student. Please paste a link to a publicly accessible, shared résumé document; please see these guidelines for résumés, and please heed the warning above about file sharing.

Update Judges #

Click “Update your judges.” Add adjudicators here, and be sure to select “Asynchronous” (WISDAA recruits and provides all in-person adjudicators, though you may volunteer to assist, if you wish). Once added, you can edit adjudicators to note if they’re neutral (do not know your students); and other general notes you’d like to share with the manager. If you wish the same person to handle multiple adjudication commitments, please include that in the notes, and we’ll adjust your invoice so you are not charged for an uncovered adjudicator for their additional commitments. To change names, click button to “drop,” and add a different name. Always be sure to save changes.

Accessibility Requests #

Coaches can indicate modifications/accommodations for students and/or adjudicators (including dietary and scheduling requests). Click Enter accessibility requests. Next, click Add requests for accommodations/modifications. You may describe one special need at a time; you must add additional records for the same person to note multiple requests. “Description” is just for the festival manager and state office to see; adjudicators will NOT see what you type here. Select the name of the person, then select type. Whichever type you select will fill in instructions – you should revise any text to indicate specific modifications/accommodations for that person. If you select the wrong type, you must return without saving, and start over, for the automatic fill-in to work correctly. Click the Submit button to save, and Return to accessibility requests listing. There, you will see a list, with links to edit/remove any of the listing.  Dietary needs work similarly, and can help a festival host plan what food options and alternatives they may need to procure.

View Entries #

Click “View your entries” to generate a page confirming your entry (which you may print). You will be able to log back in to SpeechWire to update your entries until the deadline set by your host/manager (usually two weeks before the festival, sometimes a little less). Once they “lock” your ability to make changes, you must contact the host/manager directly.

Updated on 01/02/2024
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