State Theatre Festival Registration

Prepare: SpeechWire Account #

flowchart LR
    A("Do you have a SpeechWire 'head coach' account?") -->|Yes| B("Log in and update your student roster to ensure it's current
    and to mark students who have graduated as inactive.")
    A -->|"No, but our school does"| C("Ask your head coach to log in, on on the
    Your account screen, under the Head coach
    tools section, click the icon, Coaches, click
    your name, and change you to a Head coach.
    Otherwise, they need to follow the
    subsequent instructions on this page.")
    A -->|No| D("Create a new account at")
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   style B fill:#e2fcd7,stroke:#333,stroke-width:2px
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Registration Open #

Go to
After logging in to your account, click either:

WISDAA One-Act registration (if your one-act advanced from sectional to State)

WITF Non-One-Act School (if you aren’t participating in the one-act contest or your one-act did not advance from sectional to State)

If you are participating in the State one-act contest, the registration checklist screen will look like the image to the left-top; if you are not participating in one-act, you will see something more like the image to the left-bottom.

Please complete all of the checklist items that have an orange exclamation point so that they turn green. You must ensure all the pages with green check marks are complete with the correct number of participants and adults listed, etc.

NOTE: To add participants, you must first add students to your roster.

Invoices may NOT be immediately viewable; the WISDAA office will daily review registrations and mark schools that are WISDAA members (to qualify for the WISDAA discount), and then “release” invoice viewing for you to see.

Adults #

The “Adults” page is to note faculty/staff (non-high school student) individuals accompanying the school to the festival. In terms of fees, one free chaperone for every 15 students, up to two are granted; others are assessed a nominal registration fee.

Safety/Emergency Plan #

Each school’s main contact/director must review the venue Safety and Emergency Plan, type their full name, and type the date.

Showcase & Merchandise Note #

Ordering merchandise and/or showcase tickets is optional; so that checklist item may remain orange if you do not place any orders. Please pre-order all ahead of the festival. Individuals/families may order merchandise via the WISDAA online store, to be shipped directly to them.

Showcase tickets are above and beyond registration fees, assessed on a per-seat basis. For 2023, there is one showcase — Thursday evening at 6pm, and seats are limited to 380, so we highly recommend pre-ordering tickets. If tickets are sold out (either for pre-ordering or at the festival), we will run contest one-acts in the other venue, so there will be something for your students to do. There is no additional fee for participants and adults already registered for the festival; individual one-act viewing passes will be available to purchase at the door for $10; we recommend friends/family coming to view them arrive about an hour ahead of time to queue in line for seats — unlike past years where one acts were paired in two-show “blocks,” starting this year, each one-act will be its own unit.

Invoice #

Directors may access their invoice to confirm registration counts and submit payment requests in their school.

Thespys #

Directors may register students separately for the Thespy technical presentations and individual, duo, and small group performance events by clicking the WISDAA Thespys registration icon, which brings them to the separate Thespy contest registration. Thespys will be offered in person and asynchronously online.

Updated on 01/02/2024
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