District/Level 2 Festival Registration Confirmation

Coaches must log in and drop entries and/or change adjudicators in advance of the district or Level 2 festival. Your festival manager should have sent you an email with a deadline for registration confirmation. Any drops or adjudicator changes after the deadline must be communicated directly with the district festival manager.

How to Access #

Log in to On the “Your account” screen, click “Tournament registration”

You should see the District (high school) or Level 2 (middle level) festival you selected as part of your initial registration (provided the previous festival you attended has finalized results). Click “Register.

Drop Entries & Update Judges #

Click “Update your entries” to drop entries (using the dropdown menu next to an entry to drop it). Remember to click the button, “Update entries” to save changes. Click Update your judges to confirm adjudicators for the upcoming (it may populate from the previous festival). All changes are made in live time, and you can always click the icon, “View your entries” to see a list of contestants and adjudicators as entered.

Click “Update your judges” to confirm adjudicator(s) who will be evaluating this festival. If you do not provide the number of required adjudicators (usually 1 for every 5 entries or fraction thereof), you will be assessed an uncovered adjudicator fee.

Move Entries #

IF – and ONLY IF – you have any contestants who need to attend a virtual/different and/or alternate/mini district festival, use the Request different festivals icon. On the next screen, you will see a list of contestants, where you will be able to enter a request for different festival(s). Completing this page does not represent approval from either the State Office or your district chair; it simply initiates the process. We will let you know once permission has been granted. Once permission is granted, the coach must work with the festival host to determine official chaperone and/or adjudicator(s). School-approved adults must travel with students to all interscholastic contests. We require schools to provide a ratio of adjudicators to entries for each contest it sends entries to.

Virtual Festival #

For virtual entries, click Video links to paste links to videos for your contestants. This does not populate from the previous festival. Please see “Virtual Contests” for guidelines and suggestions.

Invoice/Fees #

Click Current invoice to see registration fees you are being assessed. Schools may pay invoices immediately, or wait to pay once State Festival fees have been assessed; all fees come to the State Office. State awards will be shipped to schools once fees or a purchase order have been received by the office.

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Updated on 02/27/2024
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