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* Additional practice questions are available for schools who are members of the NSDA.

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OVSF Radio 2020

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Free Online Courses


Engaging and Mentoring Students with Disabilities

Engaging & Mentoring Black/African-American Students

Engaging and Mentoring LGBTQ+ Students

Course names listed here are slightly different, reflecting category names in WHSFA, which are slightly different than in the NSDA (Solo Acting = Dramatic/Humorous Interp.; Farrago = Program Oral Interp.)

Intro to Coaching: Solo Acting Humorous/ Serious

Intro to Coaching: Oratory & Informative Speaking

Intro to Coaching: Farrago

Free Online Courses


Contest Management

Understanding Copyright and Compliance

Protecting Students from Abuse

Instructional Videos

From time to time, we will add videos with perspectives from students and coaches on how to prepare with different Speech categories. The videos on the left discuss preparation process, while on the right, videos feature performances referenced to the left. 

Farrago (High School Category)

Added December 1, 2018 – an interview and sample performance by Wriley Hoffner, who gives an example of a transitionless Farrago.

Group Interpretive Reading

Similar to Middle Level Readers Theatre. An interview and sample performance by students at DeForest High School.

Impromptu Speech


New in 2020-21 — the WHSFA is offering helpful webinars open to middle level and high school coaches (only the first two listed are targeted for those respective audiences; the rest are open to both). To register, please login first, then select “Speech Webinars” from the Professional Development menu to return to this page, and click the “register” buttons below.

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