Prop Weapon Policy

Schools who wish to utilize weaponry on stage must:

  • Honor all host venue/institution regulations pertaining to presence of weaponry, whether real or facsimile.
  • When registering each entry: list all weapons to be used and certify the school’s principal has granted permission to use them all; describe safety and storage protocols; include name(s) of person(s) who have access; a photograph of each weapon; stage directions of how the firearm will be used on stage; timeframes – how far into the show AND for how long – any given weapon will be on stage, and when it will be visible.
  • Special policies for firearms:
    • No blanks can be used; all sounds must come from a recorded sound effect.
    • Any festival host venue may refuse a school from using both a prop firearm and/or sound effect of a firearm being discharged.
    • Theatrical firearms should never be pointed at the audience (can be traumatic and may result in unpredictable reactions), nor should be pointed at someone on stage. Instead, the theatrical firearm should be pointed past the individual into a corridor of safety.
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Updated on 01/02/2024
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