Speech: Tabulating + Reporting Results

We have developed a free, entirely asynchronous (at your own pace) course with video walk-throughs for festival managers/hosts. Upon completion, you can download a certificate acknowledging your professional development time.

Tabulating Scores #

ENTERING POINTS: Click Enter results on the home page.  Select the round and category.  Click the room, judge, section letter you wish to enter points for.  Type in points assigned to each entry by the adjudicator and click the button to save them. Then proceed to the next set of results.

Reporting Results #

IF YOU SCHEDULED AND TABULATED ON SPEECHWIRE… Once all results have been entered, click ‘Report final results’ on the home page.  Next, click ‘Build initial report.’ Once the report is processed, you will see a list of all of entries set to advance from each school. If you need to make adjustments, click ‘Set advancers’ next to a school. Click ‘Set advancing entries’ after making adjustments. Once all advancing entries are properly marked, click ‘Confirm advancers’.

If you did NOT schedule/tabulate your festival with SpeechWire, you still need to report advancing entries to the State Office, both in SpeechWire, as well as providing copies of manual tabulation of scores (mail or scanned).

SpeechWire instructions to mark advancing entries from each school:  Once you have logged in to the tournament manager account, click ‘Report final results’ on the home page.  Find the first school alphabetically and click ‘Set advancers’ next to it.  Check each entry that will be advancing to ensure that it is listed as an entry from the school.  If any entries are missing, misspelled, or otherwise mis-entered, click ‘Edit school entries’ and make any needed corrections by adding more entries or correcting incorrect entries.

Once you have confirmed that all advancing entries are listed in the system, use the ‘Advance?’ column to mark which entries are advancing to the next level.  Click ‘Set advancing entries’ once you have marked them all.

Once you believe that all advancing entries are properly marked, click ‘Confirm advancers’ on the WISDAA reporting results page.