Staff/Adjudicator Payment Instructions

Thank you for agreeing to work a WISDAA contest/workshop. We are required to follow new guidelines due to state and federal regulations for paying contractors.

Log into the WISDAA website at (you may need to create an account if you haven’t logged in since the site was reset in September of 2020; otherwise, you can have the site reset a password).

Once you log in, you will see a user icon/avatar next to the WISDAA logo. Hover your mouse over it, and from the “Tools” menu, select “Vendors/Contractors.”  

Then click the gold button, [Register as Vendor/Contractor], which brings you to a form that will effectively complete your federal W-9 information. If you’ve already contracted for another WISDAA contest this year, you do not need to complete this form again. However, you DO need to complete the form in Step 4 for EACH contest you work.

Once you complete the registration form, you then must return to the same page, and click the gold button, [Apply/Contract for Events], and complete the form indicating the event you are working.


Please email for assistance with any part of this process.