Thursday: One-Acts Thursday: Programming Friday: One-Acts Friday: Programming Saturday: One-Acts Saturday: Programming
7:15am: Registration 7:15am: Registration
8:00-8:40am Thespys (if necessary 8:00-8:40am 8:30am: Tech Chal. Regist.
8:50-9:30am 8:50-9:30am
9:40-10:20am 9:45-11:15am Workshops, Thespys 9:40-10:20am 9:45-11:15 Workshops, Tech Chal.
10:30-11:10am 10:30-11:10am
11:20-12:00pm 11:30am-1pm Workshops, Thespys 11:20-12:00pm 9:45-12:15 Workshops, Tech Chal.
12:10-12:50pm 12:10-12:50pm
1:00-2:00pm: Lunch 12:45pm: Tech Awards
2:00-2:40pm 2-3:30pm Workshops, Thespys
2:45pm: Registration 2:50-3:30pm
3:40-4:20pm 3:40-4:20pm 3:45-5:15pm: Workshops 4pm: Showcase
4:30-5:10pm 4:30-5:10pm
5:20-6:00pm 5:20-6:00pm
6:10-6:50pm 6:10-6:50pm
7:00-7:40pm 7:15pm: Showcase 7:00-7:40pm
7:50-8:30pm 7:50-8:30pm 8pm: Showcase

General, Special, and Ongoing Events

Timeframe(s) What's Happening Location
Thursday 3:45pm-8:00pm Friday 7:30am-8:00pm Saturday 7:30am-1:00pm Festival registration & merchandise sales TBD
Friday 8:00am-4:00pm Saturday 8:00am-1:00pm Exhibits: Post-secondary institutions + products/services TBD
Friday 9:45am-1pm 2-3:30pm Thespy Contest/ Auditions TBD
Thursday 7:15pm Showcase TBD
Friday 4:00pm + 8:00pm Showcase TBD
All Day Friday + Saturday AM AWTE Directors'/Educators' Lounge TBD
Saturday: 8:30am-9:30am Registration 9:45am-12:15pm Contests12:45pm Awards Tech Challenge TBD

2023 One-Act Schedule

To be posted in early November, following sectional qualifying festivals.

2023 Workshop Schedule

To be posted in early November