Digital Extemp/Radio Draw/Prep (HS)

Contestant Requirements #

  • Laptop/tablet
  • Ability to connect to WIFI
  • Student account on*
  • Google Drive account**

* Must be created by the coach and linked to the student record within a school, so it is connected with the student’s entry to the contest.

** Required for Radio only. If a school Google account, the student must have permissions/ability to copy a file template to their Drive account, so they can edit the new document on their account. Some schools have locked-down systems that do not allow accessing Google Drive files outside of the school network/Drive system. Check with your IT person if you’re not sure.

Contestant Draw #

  1. Each round, the draw/preparation room manager will open the draw for each speaker position (first, second, third, etc.).
  2. Contestants will log into, where they will see a link under a section entitled “Draw,” labeled as “Click here to enter draw.” They may click that link when the draw supervisor instructs them to do do.
  3. If the draw/prep supervisor has opened the contestant’s draw, the contestant should see a link, “Click here to draw now,” which should:
    1. Extemp: the student will select a question, which will be documented in SpeechWire for the draw supervisor. If adjudicators are using e-ballots, the question selected by the student will populate the adjudicator’s e-ballot.
    2. Radio: open a prompt to copy the Radio packet file to the student’s Google Drive. The student may immediately begin editing the file on their Google Drive. No outside information may be incorporated; adjudicators will have a copy of the packet to consult.

30-minute Prep Period #

Extemp: Students may use Internet during preparation to access support material as per the rules, but may not prepare a speech nor speak from their device.

Radio: student is expressly allowed to read/recite their radio newscast from their device as if they were reading from paper.

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Updated on 01/02/2024
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