Debate Contest Registration

Step-by-Step Directions # Coach User Account #

Whether you have already established a coach user account on or are setting one up, you will find the resources here helpful –>

On the Debate Contests webpage, click the button for registration for the particular contest in which you wish to have students participate.

Click the [Register] tab.

The next screen will show several tabs for registration, and adult contact information, which should populate your coach information; please confirm that is correct as the adult point-of-contact for this particular contest/tournament.

Other tabs that can be used include Signups if you wish to use Tabroom’s internal sign-up process with your students. Otherwise, you can just as easily register them manually.

Use the Entries or Competitors tabs to enter students into the respective formats of debate (Congressional or Worlds). You will do the same for judges.

The Fees tab will show fees owed; there are varying fees depending on membership in WISDAA, whether you are a non-WISDAA Wisconsin school, or a school outside Wisconsin; initially, the fees calculated will show the highest rates (schools outside Wisconsin), but will will adjust invoices the day of the contest/tournament.

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Updated on 01/02/2024
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