Nominate Leadership Positions

Nominate WISDAA activity advisors or school/district administrators (preferably with speech, debate, and/or theatre experience/background) to serve in leadership positions whose three-year terms are up (listed below, with incumbents for reference). Incumbents are eligible for re-election.

Leadership Positions Up for Election in 2023

Leading single-digit numbers represent sections; double-digit numbers represent districts. Advisory committee roles are just by section.
Sect. 1 = Dists. 01, 03, 04; Sect. 2 = Dists. 02, 05, 06; Sect. 3 = Dists. 07, 08, 10; Sect. 4 = Dist. 09; Sect. 5 = Dists. 11, 12

Board – Regional ChairsHS Speech AdvisoryML Speech AdvisoryTheatre AdvisoryFilm Advisory (New)
01 Amy Wiebusch
06 Pam Belden
07 Kam-Lin Roswall
09 Andie Peterson-Longmore
1 Vacant (1-year term)
3 Rick Braun
4 Vacant (2-year term)
5 Nathan Berish
2 Vacant
3 Tom August
5 Robbie Twohig
3 Vacant (3-year term)
4 Vacant (2-year term)
5 Vacant (1-year term)
3 Chris Simonson
5 Nic Cicerale
1 Vacant (1-year term)
2 Vacant (3-year term)
3 Vacant (2-year term)
4 Vacant (1-year term)
5 Vacant (3-year term)

Responsibilities/Duties of the Various Positions

District and section chairs serve on the statewide Board of Control, and their term of office is three years. Well-organized, detail-oriented individuals are ideal for these positions. School/district administrator chairs bring pragmatic perspective as well as credibility, and work with coaches in their areas to help run the respective contests.

  • District chairs are the most local representative to advisors of theatre, debate, and speech at member schools. They coordinate a qualifying festival in theatre in October, and one in speech in March (as well as serve as a liaison to subdistrict festivals prior to the district speech festival).
  • Section chairs coordinate a qualifying festival in theatre in late October/early November.

Advisory committee members attend a summer meeting to discuss rules and protocols for our respective contests. Each committee’s recommendations are forwarded to the Board of Control at its fall meeting. These members should be active coaches, and their term of office is two years.

Requirements of Nominees

Nominees must be affiliated with WISDAA member schools in good standing (paid dues).

Applying for Candidacy

All positions are self-nominated for candidacy.