The Wisconsin High School Forensic Association (WHSFA) logo and branding iconography are important components of the organization’s identity. Trademark law requires the association to regulate and authorize as necessary use of its name and initialism (WHSFA), logo, event names, and iconography by school and individual members within the organization and by individuals and institutions outside the Association.

Please obtain prior written permission for usage; email the State Office. For graphics, you will receive a branding package containing high-resolution images. The WHSFA maintains the right to refuse its logo and branding to anyone at any time for any reason. Previous use of the logo does not entitle a party to future use; each use must be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Visual Identity and Logo Usage Guidelines

Terms to Stop Using

The word “forensics” has been considered by generations of the organization's leadership to be inclusive of all communication arts activities that fall under the organization’s umbrella. Please do not use the term “forensics” to refer to Speech contests, Speech teams/squads, or Speech coaches.

The word "drama" has been replaced by "theatre" to be a more inclusive term, whereas in modern parlance, "drama" often refers to dramatic literature.

Color Palette

Name and Initialism

Official name: Wisconsin High School Forensic Association (no “s” at the end of “Forensic;” no “The” preceding the name).

Official initialism: WHSFA (not “The WHSFA”).

When first referencing the organization, always use the full name with a parenthetical reference of the initialism; then, subsequent references may use the initialism. It is acceptable to subsequently reference the Association.

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