Assignment of space will be based on: (a). scenery needs and (b). size of cast/crew.  We only have so many time slots available in the Mainstage, so schools should have the flexibility to assemble scenery on stage for smaller venues.

Load-in of scenery/set pieces from trucks can be done in one of the two docks shown in the map to the right. Schools performing in the Mainstage or in T6 Studio should enter the driveway for the Union parking ramp (lot #22) off Kenwood Blvd., where the dock will be on the right. Police will be on hand to assist with traffic flow; trucks may not remain at the dock. Schools performing in the Recital Hall should enter the Mitchell lot (#16) off Downer Ave.

Schools will be brought to just outside sightlines of adjudicators to bring scenery onto the respective stagesFor Mainstage, that will be in the wings; for T6 Studio, that will be behind two standard-size upstage doors; for Recital Hall, that will be behind upstage doors (upstage left = double door; upstage right = standard entryway). Remember: timing for each show is from when the first foot, prop, or scenery comes onto the stage, and until the last one leaves.

UWM Campus Map


30′ W Upstage / 24′ W Downstage x 22′ D
Upstage cross lane provided
Wings noted in ground plan diagram
Cyclorama available (this space only)
1/8 stereo (standard headphone) jack
6 or 9 areas (3×3)-warm/cool + LED top light and neutral (violet-ish) side lights; 2 follow spots.
ETC ION – 20 faders | Video

T6 Studio

30′ W x 20′ D x 14’6″ H clearance*
*8′ H to catwalk (6’3″ from SL)
Upstage cross via backstage
No wings nor masking
1/8 stereo (standard headphone) jack
6 areas, warm/cool + top
ETC Express

Recital Hall

24′ W Upstage /42′ W Downstage x 24 ‘ D
Upstage cross via exit to corridor
Masking for SL/SR doors
1/8 stereo (standard headphone) jack
6 areas, warm/cool + top
ETC Express