Prices listed are guides, and not guarantees. The best advice from hotels is to call, ask for sales and see what the best price is and what they might be able to do for you. If you are able to reserve a block of rooms, you will be able to negotiate an even lower price. Be sure to mention that you are tax exempt, and in some cases, it will help to mention that (if you are a public school) you would qualify for the state government rate. The sooner you are able to book, the better your rates will be.

Stevens Point Lodging

Hotel Name Phone Included Rate Notes Location
(715) 341-8888
Stevens Point
(715) 343-0522
Ask for sales
Stevens Point
(715) 345-7000
Stevens Point
(715) 341-9090
Stevens Point
(715) 341-5110
Stevens Point
(715) 342-9300
Stevens Point
(715) 344-0000
Stevens Point
(715) 344-0200
Stevens Point
(715) 344-1900
Stevens Point

Key to Amenities Included in Rate

Free parking and bus parking listed only for larger cities; otherwise, those are likely acceptable at any property.

Hot Breakfast
Continental Breakfast
Free WiFi
Exercise Facilities
Swimming Pool
Hot Tub
Free Parking
Bus Parking