Initial Training

Online course (~2 hours) + live videoconference workshop (3 hours; pre-reigistration required). At the end of the workshop, written evaluation will be assessed for quality constructive feedback.

Certification Renewal

For those whose certification lapsed since 2008; consists of refresher tutorials (~30 minutes), plus assessment (online evaluation of a video). Entirely asynchronous; takes 30-60 minutes.

If you had a website account prior to fall 2020, please sign up for a new account when enrolling in a course. Certification lasts 3 school years (inclusive of the school year you certified).

Interscholastic Speech contests involve subjective and standards-based evaluation of students across more than a dozen contest categories. Coaches and/or adjudicators (judges) gain certification through training, and can report time spent as professional development.


Speech Adjudicator FAQs

Initially, you pay for and enroll in an online course that takes about 2 hours, followed by a 3-hour live online workshop, culminating with an assessed evaluation of a student presentation. Provided the assessment has been completed successfully, certification lasts 3 years, inclusive of the school year of enrollment.  Certification can be renewed upon successful completion of a brief renewal course and assessment. Learn more at our adjudication page.

You will pay for and enroll in an online course that takes about 30 minutes, plus evaluating a student presentation. Upon successful completion of the course and evaluation, certification will be renewed. To learn more, visit our adjudication page.

If your certification lapsed since 2008, you may enroll in the Renewal course. If it was earlier than 2008, please enroll in the Initial Training course.

Generally speaking, contests ask for one adjudicator for every five entries, or fraction thereof. Some contests require fewer or more. This means that if a school has 7 entries, it should bring two adjudicators. Some contests will allow schools to pay a fee for uncovered adjudicators, not because they have extras they can hire for a school, but to incentivize schools to bring their own adjudicators. It is a burden on any host when schools do not provide all of the adjudicators they are expected to. The State Festival requires one adjudicator for 1-8 entries, two adjudicators for 9-19 entries, and three adjudicators for 20-25 entries.

If you're not affiliated with a particular school, or would like to offer your adjudicating services to additional schools and contests:
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(2). Subscribe to alerts from our Jobs Board.

We do not have lists for specific regions of the state, because there's too much overlap between areas with contests schools attend.

We have an online complaint form that can be accessed from the Speech Contests or the Theatre Contests pages.

Initial Training Tutorial

We previously offered live (synchronous) videoconference workshops for the Initial Training Course, but as the season begins, we have shifted to a set of asynchronous tutorials and practice evaluation before the authentic assessment evaluation of a student presentation. Registration (and subsequent access to the tutorial happens within the initial course, after a participant has completed about 2 hours of online content.

Individuals will be able to register for the free tutorials once they complete the ~2 hours of online coursework. They should do all coursework as soon as possible to avoid a delay in processing their certification as the office gets busy in the height of the subdistrict season.

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