2024 State Speech & Debate Information


Important notes for preparing for the State Speech Festival, April 19-20, 2024.

  • Guests (friends/family) are permitted, but see guidelines below
  • Checks may be mailed or payment made online via credit card; these do NOT need to be “in-hand” by the festival.

Day-Of-Protocols #

Assignments/Itineraries #

Contestants can access itineraries here; rooms at DeForest HS are preceded with HS; DeForest MS is MS. Please see maps below

Double-Entries #

All double-entries were assigned to the same room/adjudicator to minimize movement. For students in Extemp and Radio, they will draw first, prep, and then report to their Extemp/Radio performance room, where their teammates should have already reported by the beginning of the round. Adjudicators will be given a ballot listing all the categories they will evaluate, so they will know they are using different rubrics.

Merchandise #

Schools should pick up pre-ordered merchandise in the high school Performing Arts Center (PAC) lobby (to the right of the main entrance).

Guest Policy #

Guests (such as family/friends of contestants) are welcome; however, coaches must inform students it is their responsibility to tell family/friends when and where they are performing. We are at the mercy of available classroom sizes and cannot guarantee enough space for guests to watch. To protect students’ privacy, festival staff will not share such information with individuals other than head coaches of record. Additionally, guests may not record (photo, film, audio) in any contest rooms.

Schedule #

State Speech Schedule 2024 #

Round → Fri 4:30pm Fri. 6:00pm Fri. 7:30pm Sat. 9:30am Sat. 11:30am
Arrive; pick up T-shirts, etc. students may gather at South Gym (Friday); Commons (Saturday) 3:50pm 5:15pm 6:15pm 8:30am 10:30am
Extemp/Radio contestants report to: HS 142C 3:50pm 5:20pm 6:45pm 8:45am 10:45am
Adjudicator packet pick-up; outside HS A136 4:10pm 5:40pm 7:10pm 8:30am 10:30am
Students may start reporting to rooms (enter once adjudicator is present) 4:20pm 5:50pm 7:20pm 9:15am 11:15am
Round begins 4:30pm 6:00pm 7:30pm 9:30am 11:30am
Claim medals (see instructions below); outside HS A146. After round After round After round After round After round

Addresses, Maps, Parking #

DeForest Area High School: 815 Jefferson St, DeForest, WI 53532
DeForest Area Middle School: 404 Yorktown Rd, DeForest, WI 53532
Cars and buses may park in the lots outside each building, except in stalls posted for specific parking purposes.

See aerial map to show walking between DeForest High School and Middle School, as well as building floor plans for each venue.

Debate #

Debate will be held Friday, April 19 at DeForest High School in the following three classrooms: A133, A139, and D129. The festival director will be stationed outside A133. Please see this page for overall schedule, as well as details schematics (room assignments) as we begin the first round.

Adjudicator Information #

If assigned to a room with “HS,” you will go to the High School; “MS” means you will go to the Middle School.

Paper Materials #

Adjudicator/Rules Concerns #

Adjudicators, coaches, or contestants with questions or concerns about adherence to rules may bring those concerns to HS A146. Concerns pertaining to adjudicators must be filed online, following the festival (see button).

Claiming Awards (Medals) #

After the round, the coach or one adult brings evaluation sheets for verification (in case they haven’t been tabulated yet) and to collect awards next to HS A142. For students whose adjudicators evaluated them electronically, those scores will immediately appear in your State Speech Festival Registration area on SpeechWire (click “View scores” icon) and electronic evaluations will be released to schools by time slot, once all adjudicators from that time slot have completed their rounds.

Points Award Medal
5-19 Achievement (Copper)
20-22 Finalist (Bronze)
23-24 All State (Silver)
25 Critic’s Choice (Gold)

Advancing to the State Festival is an achievement and earning awards beyond that represents rigorous standards. Coaches of four-year gold medalists should immediately claim the special medallion! Schools not retrieving awards at the festival for their team will be assessed a $25 handling fee, unless they have entries already participating in the virtual division.

Electronic Draw Instructions #

Social Media #

Whether you operate your own social media for your team or your school/school district does, please tag @wispeechdrama when you promote your team qualifying to State, as well as traveling to and participating at State! We will have a new WISDAA backdrop at the festival, and even some fun “photo booth” props, so come ready to promote all the great things your kids are doing! Hashtag for the event: #wisdaaspeech

Registration Confirmation #

Schools have until Thursday, April 11, 2024, to re-register/confirm on SpeechWire for the WISDAA State Speech Festival.  All schools must log in, add adjudicators (or acknowledge the $200/uncovered adjudicator) and complete the Confirm Entries step. Schools also may pre-order merchandise directly within SpeechWire; however, placing such an order does obligate the school to that financial commitment. To begin, click the button to Access SpeechWire and log in, or if logged in, click the Registration icon.

Merchandise #

Schools are encouraged to pre-order through SpeechWire (you can generate a separate merchandise invoice right from the order page); individuals may purchase directly on our website, but no T-shirts will be shipped before the State Festival. No merchandise will be released at the festival without payment (or a school purchase order). There will be a limited inventory on-hand at the festival, so pre-order by 12 Noon on Thursday, April 11 for the convenience of having an order ready when you get to State.

My job is speech T-shirt design

Virtual Option #

Schools must provide adjudicators equivalent to number of virtual entries or pay $200 for each uncovered adjudicator; this may not be combined with in-person adjudicators.

  • Radio, Impromptu, Extemp materials posted Thu. 4/11/24
    (access SpeechWire above)
  • State Video Due: Mon., 4/22/2024 (one video required per entry)
  • Adjudication: 4/24-4/26/2024
  • Evaluations released Sat., 4/27/2024

Important Dates #

  • Thursday, April 11 (12 Noon): 2024 T-Shirt Pre-Orders Due
  • Thursday, April 11: Virtual Extemp/Impromptu/Radio materials posted on SpeechWire
  • Friday, April 12: Final invoice and confirmation of entries
  • Thursday, April 18: Contestant itineraries with rooms
  • Thursday, April 18: Adjudicator info + assignments posted/sent
  • In-person: Paper adjudicator ballot pickup/e-ballots released 1 hour prior to round
  • Monday, April 22 (8am): Reminder of videos due (same day 11:59pm)
  • Tuesday, April 23: Information for virtual adjudicators
  • Wednesday, April 24-Friday, April 26: Adjudication assignments
  • Saturday, April 27: Virtual evaluations/results released
  • Thursday, May 2 (5pm): Adjudicator appeals due
  • Monday, May 6: Announcement of school/team awards
  • Friday, May 10: Adjudicator appeal outcomes sent

Appeals/Adjudicator Concerns #

By Thursday, May 2 at 5pm, coaches may lodge complaints pertaining to scores/poor evaluation. The WISDAA will not interpret adjudicators’ written comments, nor reconsider point deductions; we will only consider an adjudicator’s application of a rule or criterion. Should you wish to complain to remediate the adjudicator (which will be shared with the coach who hired them), select the “Remediation” option.

Post-Festival Survey #

Share your perspectives about the speech season, the State Speech Festival, and category rules.

Venue Change #

We must hold the State Speech Festival at DeForest High School (plus DeForest Middle School, a 4-minute drive/15-minute walk down the street). Please read this letter for more details.

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Updated on 04/23/2024
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