Membership Basics


Joining WISDAA connects a school with a network of coaches/directors who support each other through contests and professional development. The WISDAA employs a professional administrator with over 25 years of experience in teaching and coaching Speech and Debate, directing and teaching Theatre, and running interscholastic contests — and who is available to help support advisors. Learn more about our mission and programmingClick here to join.

Membership #

We offer school membership for middle level and high schools; visit our membership page for information on dues and enrolling a school for membership.

Homeschools #

Homeschool students may either participate with an area public or private school,** or as part of a homeschool association that joins the WISDAA.

**WISDAA supports the local school district policy for interscholastic athletics/academic contests. For example, if a home-schooled student is allowed to join the basketball team, a home-schooled student may participate in Theatre, Speech, and Debate activities.

  1. Conditions: Students must be members of a homeschool association. They cannot participate individually, unless as part of their attendance-area school district, if the school district allows participation.
  2. Procedures:
    1. Homeschooling associations may apply for membership by registering and paying the yearly dues.
    2. As members, their students are eligible to participate in all WISDAA events in the District/Section where the homeschool association is located.

Online Schools #

Online schools are assigned to the virtual statewide district/section operated by the State Office, and are subject to the same membership and eligibility requirements of face-to-face schools. Those schools can elect to attend high school state contests in-person, if they wish.