State Speech Referee Committee

The “resolution” column will show the outcome of the committee’s deliberations, once added by the chair/Speech Advisor.

Number of records to review: 13

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ViewSerialContestant Name(s)Resolution:Pts
01*Callie SawallDenied
02Reese AmmonDenied
03Grace Emerson and Jessica BaileyUpheld1
04Sophia Adsit GarciaDenied
05*Pariya MirzaeiDenied
06*Taitin Riley (169N3)Upheld1
07*Dakota Bares, Emily Frizzell, Charlie O'Connor, Aubree ShrodaUpheld1
08*Erin EwertUpheld1
09*Sorcha HangUpheld1
10Jordan BetzleDenied
11Eirinn Carr, Coen Faber, Maddie OimoenUpheld1
12Tate BoatmanDenied
13*Eli Lindsey, Drew Aschilman, Malea Aschilman, Laci Lindsey, Landon ThousandDenied
ViewSerialContestant Name(s)Resolution:Pts